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Rubber Flooring / Rolls & Tiles

Transform your gym space with ease using our rubber gym flooring solutions. Enjoy convenient and scalable options, perfectly tailored to your gym's needs. With a wide range of choices available, you can effortlessly create a safe and functional workout environment that complements your gym's interior design.


Say goodbye to worries and welcome enhanced performance with our high-quality rubber gym flooring.

Rubber Roll Floor Matting is heavy-duty rubber flooring that helps protect floors from heavy weights and constant impact of machinery and exercise equipment.



  • Perfect fit: Rolls lay flat without curling.

  • Textured surface: Non-porous, indestructible rubber with enhanced grip.

  • Equipment protection: Ideal for treadmills, bikes, and weight-lifting machines.

  • Vibration reduction: Absorbs vibrations and reduces noise.

  • Easy to clean: Non-porous rubber ensures a hygienic environment.

  • Durable: Available in 1/4" or 3/8" thickness for long-lasting use.

  • Low maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, cost-effective option.

  • Versatile: Suitable for various gym spaces, including commercial and home gyms.

  • Enhanced safety: Reduces slip and fall risks during workouts.

  • Protects gym equipment: Shields machines from carpet fibers and vibrations.

Available Colors

Product Options shown in BLACK are standard to the Everlast line. Product Options shown in RED are custom, therefore minimum yields, additional lead time, and specific pricing will apply. Please contact your local agent for more details regarding these options.

CODE                                    DESCRIPTION

8MM                        8mm x 4’ (1.22m) wide rolls

6MM                        6mm x 4’ (1.22m) wide rolls

9MM                        9mm x 4’ (1.22m) wide rolls

QS                            Quick Ship is available to ship within 24-48 business hours for 8mm x 25’ (7.62m) and 8mm x 50’ (15.24m) products only.

i23                            23” x 23” (58cm) interlocking tiles in 8mm thickness. Standard tile options include center, border, and corner tiles. Custom options                                              come in center tiles only and minimum quantities apply.

i24                            24” x 24” (61cm) interlocking tiles in 8mm thickness in center tiles only. Minimum quantities apply.

36X                          36” x 36” (91cm) square edge tiles in 8mm thickness. Minimum quantities apply.

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