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Flag Stone

Flag Stone

Exterior Renovations and Resurface

KJZ Floor Solutions is prepared for it all. We can resurface and renovate your exterior pool decks or driveways - we have the team and the tools to get the job done.


Exterior Resurface

At KJZ Floor Solutions we offer a solution to all of your Exterior Concrete needs or problems through our years of experience. We offer expert solutions and the best work ethics for your Flag Stone Installation.

  • Flagstone Color Stain Options:

    • Wide range of color choices to suit any aesthetic preference.

    • Customizable options to match existing decor or create a new look.

  • Concrete Sealer:

    • High-quality sealants used to protect and enhance the beauty of the flagstone.

    • Helps prevent staining and deterioration, extending the lifespan of the flooring.

  • Non-Slip Sealers:

    • Specialized sealers available to provide traction and safety, especially important for outdoor installations.

    • Ensures a slip-resistant surface even in wet conditions.

By utilizing these options, you can transform old concrete into a stunning flagstone floor, adding charm and character to any space while ensuring durability and safety.

Flagstone Care Tips:

  • Avoid using pure surface coatings or floor waxes on flagstone, as they can be unnecessary and may not adhere well.

  • Flagstone surfaces are generally durable, but it's advisable to use a penetrating sealer to protect against staining and weathering.

  • Ensure to seal the flagstone every 2 years, particularly if it's exposed to outdoor elements, to maintain its fresh appearance.

  • While flagstone is naturally resistant to wear, protection from absorption of stains is crucial, especially for the porous binder.

  • Consider pressure washing the flagstone periodically to remove dirt and grime buildup, followed by resealing to keep it looking vibrant and well-maintained.

Flag stone installation

Projects of Any Size

Tell us your vision. We can make it happen.

We have a Flag Stone Experts on staff to handle projects with higher complexity

Flag Stone Installation and Concrete Resurfacing


Our team is expertly trained and experienced in providing superior flagstone concrete services to Sarasota clients. We approach each project with pride and commitment, striving for efficiency without compromising quality.

With cutting-edge equipment and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure precise and long-lasting results for our customers. Our courteous professionals deliver personalized service, making the process of flagstone concrete installtion in Sarasota straightforward and hassle-free.

Talk to a KJZ Floor Solutions team member to get started!

Flag Stone Installation grey

Robert S.

"I was impressed with the level of service I received from KJZ Floor Solutions. They provided a free quote, which was extremely beneficial. Recently, they worked on my concrete resurface project and installed flag stone, and the results were beyond my expectations. The pool deck and driveway look absolutely pristine. Not only did they do excellent work, but Josh and his team were also incredibly respectful, professional, and helpful throughout the entire project. They were readily available to address any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend KJZ Floor Solutions to anyone in need of floor services!"

Flag Stone

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